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This website’s under construction right now, so please bear with me while I get my one-human show back on the road. Thanks 🙂

Gentle Bodywork and Movement Therapy

Specializing in fascia and connective tissue release, somatic and mind-body awareness practices, and energy work. Working with people and horses.

Passionate about sharing gentle, validating, quiet, and energetic work for helping horses, LGBTQIA+, neurodivergent and autistic, and holistic-minded, nature-loving, creative humans. My aim is never to “fix”, but to listen, validate, hold space, and support clients with improving mobility, fluidity, and feeling good and comfortable in their bodies.

About Me

Focused on holistic, mindful, energetic work. I love art, nature, horses, and mind-body wellness and believe in consent with horses and listening and validating my clients.

Bodywork for People

Quiet office available for gentle bodywork and movement therapy.

Specializing in fascia release, somatic practices, and energy work.

Bodywork for Horses

Offering energetic, mindful, and non-stressful sessions for horses and their human partners who are interested in a holistic, positive, and consensual approach to care.