Somatic Bodywork and Movement Therapies for Horses and Riders

Specializing in Residual Strain Therapy (a gentle fascia release method), gentle myofascial techniques, somatic movement therapy in the tradition of Thomas Hanna and Eleanor Criswell-Hanna, and Ortho-bionomy based positional release techniques.

Sessions are tailored to each individual. All techniques are gentle and mind-body focused, with sensitive and accurate assessment procedures for observing postural and movement imbalances, and locating strain and tension patterns through fascia and muscular systems. Therapeutic movement and self-care exercises are given as homework with thorough support documentation provided for referencing as you continue to work toward optimizing balance and healthy alignment with your horse.

The Journal

Read my mental explorations on horse and rider mind-body wellness, somatic anatomy and biomechanics, bodywork, and therapeutic movement.