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Welcome, friends!

This is a safe space for you to explore holistic, mind-body practices and theories for yourself, learn more about self-care for Neurodivergence and LGBTQIA+ individuals, and learn more about positive approaches to interactions with horses.

I offer gentle bodywork and mindful movement therapy and am also a content writer and copywriter specializing in mind-body health and wellness, holistic equine wellness and positive training approaches, and Neurodivergence and LGBTQIA+ self-care and wellness.

About Me

I’m Autistic, have ADHD, am Queer, and Non-binary (they/she pronouns). I love positive, loving interactions with horses. I’m all about dynamic connection. Nature is my jam (isn’t she beautiful?).

I’m planning on getting a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling so that I can bring more mind-body support to Neurodivergent, Autistic, ADHD, and LGBTQIA+ individuals as well as riders who want a holistic, mindful approach with their horses and also need some mind-body support for themselves.

Bodywork and Movement Therapy

The bodywork and movement therapy I do is gentle, intuitive, mind-body focused, and centered on what each individual needs and feels in their body.


You can see my writing on the writing page, or on the blog. I write about holistic, mind-body, mindful, and nature-y themes within bodywork, self-care, mental health, dynamic movement, wellness, Neurodivergence, and horses. A lot of my writing will be exploring bodywork with people and horses, my experiences with horses or as an Autistic, ADHD, Queer, & Non-binary individual, or processing and evolving my thoughts around mind-body wellness and counseling.


I also do some art! Most of my work there is heartfelt equine portraits with nature-y or wellness themes.


I’m so happy to have you join me. I hope you enjoy, I hope you reflect, and I hope you learn.

Gentle Bodywork and Movement Therapy

Gentle mind-body focused bodywork and movement therapy using fascia release, energy work, somatic release, dynamic movement and alignment work, and work based in craniosacral, lymphatic, and osteopathic positional release modalities.

Specializing in work with horses and riders. LGBTQIA+, gender, and Neurodivergence affirming.

Intentionally Creating Safe Space

Safe Space

It’s my intention to create a space that is safe, accepting, and affirming for LGBTQIA+, Neurodivergent, and disabled individuals. My belief is that everyone is the expert in their own experience. My hope is to share self-care and wellness ideas that work for Autistic, ADHD, and Neurodivergent individuals and are affirming of all identities.

Positive and Holistic Horse Interactions

The space I’m creating is also a space to explore ideas about positive reinforcement, holistic approaches and care with horses, and getting back to the basics of feeling love for and enjoying time with your horse.

Writing and Art

I hope my writing and art is technical at times, and heartfelt in others. I hope it resonates with you, and helps you better understand your experience.

Philosophical Foundation of My Work

Mind-body wellness; dynamic and holistic processes; individual-centered, person-centered, and horse-centered approaches (understanding the individual’s experience and working from a space of believing and supporting them); acceptance and validation of all beings; and holding space for the experience, expression, and emotion that exist presently definitely form the roots of all of my work.

And I don’t know about you, but I’m happy to be here, doing this.

Love and tumbles with horses. Learning to gather together.

4/29/20 Today out with Hope and Cherish. The grass was green. The sky was beautiful. Clouds rolled in more as we went along. The day was fairly quiet. There was a glad roaring wind–like a toddler flapping branches, saying, “See mommy! Look how much noise! Flying! We’re flying!” While he runs across the tree tops […]

Unwinding Tension and Fear Together, for you and your horse.

4/26/20 Hope was a bit nervous today. It was chilly, windy, grey, and sprinkling off and on. I thought the weather was beautiful. She thought it was a bit cold. I talked to her softly while we went to put her blanket on. Once clothed, she was able to breathe much more deeply. There were […]

Feeling Good Feels Good, Little bit by Little Bit.

Hello, friends. I wanted to start sharing some of the experiences I’m having with horses, mindfulness, and movement. This has been a time of learning and opening creatively for me. Perhaps if I share what I’m experiencing and learning it will help some of you a little along your way, too. I thought if I […]

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