About Me

Kara Cumberton, LMT (she/they)

Writer and Graphic Artist. Licensed Massage Therapist. Horse lover. Certified Gentle Human.

I’d love to hear from you.

I’m Autistic, ADHD, queer, and non-binary. I… I love the world. I love people. I think nature is breathtaking. Horses are gorgeous, sentient beings with their own thoughts and feelings more complex than we know. And, I’m ready for equine and Autistic voices to be heard.

I love talking about morals, ethics, kindness, radical acceptance, self-care, and the like. I love mind-body wellness. I love nature, and feel a deep spiritual pull toward all of Earth. I feel deeply. Wholesome, heartfelt things are my shit. All this will influence my writing and art. You’re welcome.

Writing, Drawing, Processing.

I can’t speak for everyone. But I can share my own experiences, my own thoughts, my own processing. I hope that by me sharing the stuff in my soul, it will be opening for you too. I know it’s opening for me, and I know that the process of writing and drawing heart-warming, thought-provoking, or radically accepting things is like coming home for me.

I’m here to write about my experiences as an Autistic person with ADHD. I’m here to write about my experiences as a queer, non-binary human. And I’m here to write about my perspectives on how horses feel, and how we can help them feel better about our interactions and training with them.

I believe many of us go unheard, or unseen. In a way, I feel like the experiences of Autistics and horses aren’t all that different. Both groups have to fight to be heard and to be seen, when it would be better if we just learned to listen.

I love mind-body wellness–it’s a special interest of mine. So, you’ll see that the holistic, mind-body, gentle and accepting approaches will definitely influence how I write and draw. But please, don’t mistake this–I am not dropping science in the name of natural, and I don’t believe all natural approaches are automatically the best approaches, nor do I believe in cure-alls.

That said, I hope you join me. I’m glad you’re here. I’m glad I’m here. And I’m happy to be sharing.

You can check out my work on the writing and graphic art pages. I’ll be updating my blog, hopefully regularly, and I’m on Instagram pretty regularly as well.

Let’s go on a walk together, shall we?

Me, Personally.

I love dogs. Lyra is my pup, and she is gorgeous, and perfect, and amazing, and a sweet adorable cuddly goofballs who loves to run forever until she doesn’t.

I love horses. Cherish and Hope are my girls, and they are each beautiful and special in their own way. They have taught me so much, and I’m sure you’ll see me reference them often as they continue teaching me things.

I love walking, when I can. Some days are low energy days for me.

I love children’s books, YA novels, and have recently developed a love affair with wholesome fantasy web comics. I hope to illustrate and write books one day, and have three novels that I’m working on (perhaps… one day… I’ll finish).

I’m really sensitive. For one, I have mirror-sense synesthesia, for a lot of senses, so I can sometimes feel a lot of what others feel. I also have really sensitive hearing. I feel really deeply, really intensely, and with all of me. This is really beautiful, and definitely colors my experiences and my art & writing.

I’m pretty gentle, mostly. But there’s also a fire in my soul, an incredibly intense protective mama bear kind of energy. I want to help you accept yourself, I want to touch your heart, I want to bring tears to your eyes in a sweet way, I want to advocate, I want to be a voice, I want to be seen, I want to bear witness, and I want to protect.

What I do

  • Writer
    • Autistic and ADHD experiences, concepts, and self-help suggestions.
    • Philosophies and concepts around mind-body wellness, morals and ethics, and acceptance and human kindness.
    • Advocating for an empathetic, gentle, and kind approach to interacting with horses.
    • Exercises in mindful movement therapy and practical self-care… really for people and horses.
  • Graphic Art
    • Heartfelt portraits with your horse.
    • Soulful equine art.
    • Neurodivergent art for expressing and embracing your neurodiversity (with animals/nature)

  • Bodywork and Somatic Movement
    • Gentle, mind-body focused bodywork and movement therapy for people and horses.