Bodywork and Movement Therapy

To learn more about the techniques I will use to help you and your horse, please visit the Modalities page.

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Working with Horses and Riders

Horses and riders often mirror each other. When we ride, our movement affects their movement directly, and vice versa. At the same time, horses tend to copy our postures and our movements in ground work. It makes sense that as one of us develops body tensions, imbalances, or stress, usually, the other follows suit.

This is why I believe it is so important to work with the horse and the rider–one is not more important than the other.

While working together, I will help you learn to use relaxation techniques, balance and mobilization exercises, and muscular relaxation exercises for yourself and with your horse.

We will also discuss positive changes you can make in your life, your horse’s life, and how you think about training and riding–just bringing in simple changes to help improve how you move, how much you move, and to reduce stress for both of you.

This holistic approach helps support overall wellness, long-term soundness, and healthy biomechanics. If the mind is stressed the body will be in a reflexive stress posture, and healthy biomechanics and correct riding will not be possible. Force or pressure or compensatory patterns will have to be used to overcome this; instead, we can use simple techniques to relax the mind and body so that using training techniques to teach healthy biomechanics can be easier–you are no longer fighting against tension in the body systems.


The therapy that I offer is integrative. I weave different modalities together while taking cues and listening to each individual on what they need the most in each moment. Much of my work is focused around the understanding that our minds, bodies, emotions, dreams, stressors, and lives are all tightly interwoven. We and our horses are more connected to our environment, how we respond to it, and each other than we know. Knowing about and taking advantage of these connections so we can tune in more deeply and release tension, using our positivity resonance, relaxation, and awareness to our benefit, means that everything in life can be therapeutic–not just your one hour therapy session. Everything will be at your pace. If you’re here for pain relief, and pain relief only, I’m open to sharing whatever you think will help you the most. No pressure, no pain, no forcing changes you don’t want to embrace.

This is your and your horse’s healing process. Not mine. Not anyone else’s. More than anything else, I’m here to listen, and support.