Changing Wellness Based Horsemanship to Kara Cumberton, LMT

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I’ve been working under my name for a while now… the only thing that still hasn’t changed is my Facebook page, mostly due to some Facebook admin requirements.

Nevertheless, I thought it wasn’t a bad idea to update you and set everybody straight. Now, rather than going under the guise of Wellness Based Horsemanship (which I used as a blog and social media platform but never really had as a business name anyway), I simply going under my own name, along with my licensing credentials for my massage license: Kara Cumberton, LMT.

Why the change? Well, my goals have adapted a little in shape and quality, and I really didn’t want anyone thinking that my intention was to teach natural horsemanship with some wellness flares. What I’ve been doing all along is more along the bodywork and therapeutic movement side of things for people and horses, and I realized the name was, well, confusing. In reality, my work isn’t changing–just the name I’m choosing to use on social media is.

Why not pick a different name? I have some specific dreams and goals for my work, but I am also aware that things will keep evolving and changing… and I’m not ready to pick a name that could potentially define or restrict those changes or evolutions. I want to be free to grow and be creative and let my work adapt as my philosophies, education, and experiences grow.

I anticipate working under my name from now on, and so hopefully, Facebook will allow the page to roll with the name change. If not, I’ll be creating another Facebook page or group underneath my name (Kara Cumberton, LMT) to clear up all the confusion.

To clear up any confusion around previous emails:

The email I’m now receiving (and will continue receiving emails from) is karacumberton@gmail.com

The past two emails I have used with very little traffic (kara@wellnessbasedhorsemanship.com and kara@wellbeingwithhorses.com) are dead now. So if you email those, unfortunately, you’ll hit a dead end.

I also accept texts, calls, and facebook messages from clients. See my contact page for more info.