Love and tumbles with horses. Learning to gather together.

4/29/20 Today out with Hope and Cherish. The grass was green. The sky was beautiful. Clouds rolled in more as we went along. The day was fairly quiet. There was a glad roaring wind--like a toddler flapping branches, saying, "See mommy! Look how much noise! Flying! We're flying!" While he runs across the tree tops [...]

Unwinding Tension and Fear Together, for you and your horse.

4/26/20 Hope was a bit nervous today. It was chilly, windy, grey, and sprinkling off and on. I thought the weather was beautiful. She thought it was a bit cold. I talked to her softly while we went to put her blanket on. Once clothed, she was able to breathe much more deeply. There were [...]

Changing Wellness Based Horsemanship to Kara Cumberton, LMT

I've been working under my name for a while now... the only thing that still hasn't changed is my Facebook page, mostly due to some Facebook admin requirements. Nevertheless, I thought it wasn't a bad idea to update you and set everybody straight. Now, rather than going under the guise of Wellness Based Horsemanship (which [...]

My Health Perspectives

My Health Perspectives

This was originally an assignment in one of my college courses. It brought forth some interesting and different threads of thought around health and wellness, so I thought I'd share it with you. My own personal health views are grounded in the perspective of each person having a mind-body-soul unity or connection that makes up [...]

The Dressage Grid & Creative Structure

Tuesday night I watched a video from Karen Rohlf in her Upward Spiral of Successful Gymnastics Course. The video was on easily setting up a Dressage arena, and practicing thinking about the "Dressage grid". If you've been reading my posts you know that I struggle with the balance between structure/consistency/discipline and creativity/spontaneity/intuitive feel (with my tendency being [...]